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COVID-19 release form

All parents must sign a the COVID-19 release form approved by the Dynamo Board of Directors. Click Here


Minimize physical touching between players and coaches

Coaches shall ensure that all players and coaches avoid “high fives,” handshakes, or other types of physical touching.


Guidelines for coaches

  • Coach wears their mask walking to training and through the greeting/initial instruction part of the session, and anytime they would come within 10' of another person.
  • Once training begins, the coach may remove their mask but need to keep it on their person (with a pair of gloves), in case they need to attend to an injured athlete.
  • When attending an injured athlete, the coach should be wearing their mask and gloves.
  • When the training session resumes, the coach may remove their mask.
  • At the end of the training, prior to releasing the players, the coach needs to be wearing their mask.

Guidelines for players

Hand sanitizer –Players should have hand sanitizer for personal use.

Avoid “shared” equipment like training vests – Players should have their own alternate color training top or training vest – training vests should not be shared. A player should have their own ball, water bottle, towel, etc.

Players should not touch practice equipment — The handling of all training items, i.e., cones, flags, goals etc. should be limited to coaches.

Avoid large gatherings or lines of players – Players should maintain 6’ distancing between players when receiving instruction, etc.).  Player and referee benches will be removed, players and referees will provide their own individual seating to allow for 6’ separation.


Other important reminders for our families and coaches

Facility structures – Restroom facilities that are normally accessible will not be accessible during training and games. The concession stand will not operate until further notice. 

Increased signage throughout facilities – Dynamo FC will post reminder signage throughout facilities wherever possible to remind all players, coaches and spectators to maintain social distancing.

Social Distancing Oversight – Dynamo FC will assign people to be physically present to monitor fields and facilities to politely but firmly ask any groups of parents or players to disperse and maintain appropriate distancing and that failure to do so risks the sanctioning and protection (including insurance) for the players and the club.


More Information

For more information about guidance from the CDC:

Tips on prevention from the CDC

Community mitigation strategy from the CDC

Governors “Get Indiana Back on Track” plan

The plan outlines 5 stages, which is subject to change based on changing conditions. This link includes dates for implementation and how they affect Indiana Soccer’s membership’s activities. 

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