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Jun, 2019

USAi Partnership Update

Since February, Dynamo and USAi have partnered on a collaborative pilot program for the 2006 boys and girls age group.  The collaboration created several teams that were able to compete at higher levels than either Club could have alone. Based on the success of this pilot program, Dynamo and USAi agreed our shared mission would be best achieved by extending our partnership.

This partnership extends the collaborative pilot program to our 2005-2006-2007 boys and girls age groups. This Fall, players in those age groups will come together to form unified teams (combined age groups) that include players and coaches from both Clubs. This alignment is a necessary step to ensure long-term viability and competitiveness against the larger clubs in central Indiana.

“Dynamo is extremely excited to partner with USAi in this effort. We have found a partner that shares our vision of player development and desire to bring the sport to as many people as possible. Having the ability to provide multiple competitive platforms at each age group will enhance the experience for our membership. Optimal environments for player development will be created as will pathways for our players to have a meaningful soccer experience at the same club for their club career.” - Ric Huffman, Executive Director - Dynamo FC

“United Soccer Alliance of Indiana is pleased with the initial 2006 collaborative travel teams for Spring 2019. Players are able to play with increased numbers of ‘like-ability’ players. This benefits each player who is now able to play with his/her similarly skilled players. USA of Indiana is looking forward to working with Dynamo leadership, parents, coaches, and parents to bring this same pathway to all 2005-2006-2007 players from both Clubs for 2019-2020. A full merger next year will allow the combined Club to develop growth pathways for players of all levels while continuing to form geography based teams that are convenient to their members, limit excessive travel and preserve the local character of the legacy clubs.  There have been several large scale mergers in central Indiana which produced stronger combined clubs. We know there will be additional mergers in the coming years. We fully support the idea that a combined Dynamo FC and USA of Indiana will best serve ALL players from Marion County and Hendricks County.  The merged Club brings together over 80 years of experience and expertise to work together to improve the soccer experience for every child, parent, coach, and manager.”
- Thomas Geisse, President - Community Through Youth Sport Foundation

There is no plan to combine other age groups for the Fall of 2019.  Practice location and team composition for age groups younger than the 2007 birth year will not change from last year.  Dynamo intends to operate all of its Dynamites and academy programs under the Dynamo brand and from Dynamo Park, as does USAi at its facilities.  

In the coming days we will circulate answers to frequently asked questions posed by players and parents, including anticipated practice locations and times for the 2005-2006-2007 boys and girls age groups.